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Sports Psychology For Kids is the primary resource in Youth Sports Psycholgy
bringing better results for leading youth athletes worldwide  was started to assist intermediate level and advanced level youth athletes in search of an extra edge. Founded by a passionate father of an AAU Athlete who wanted to give his son an edge during the game and a National Fox Sports analyst, Author, and pro-scout who discovered that mental training was the key to becoming an elite athlete. was started to help the community of AAU and Club Athletes looking to understand the advantages of sports mental training.

Do you have a young athlete who is great in practice, but for some reason freezes under the lights? Are you frustrated because you know that they have the ability to perform well but for some reason the disappear during the games? Do you wish that motivating them to go to the gym wasn’t such a chore? Do you know that you have a  kid who wants to play ball in high school and college, but their work ethic isn’t quite there? Maybe it’s time to introduce them to Sports Psychology. This stuff works! Don’t just take our word for it. Try a sample session out for free>>>

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Powerful Sports Mental Training For Youth Athletes

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How about Some Fun Facts about our College Sports and Sports Psychology?

Youth and Amateur Athletes Trained
of Professional Athletes Use Mental Training
D1 and D2 Scholarships Awarded Yearly
Average College Tuition Per Year

SPFK is a cutting edge sports psychology online resource dedicated to
mental sports training for young athletes

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We are SPFK!

Our dedicated team works day-in and day-out together to bring you, our clients,
the most amazing tools and tips for a mentally training for the sports performance world.

Troy Horne

Troy Horne

Ahmard Vital

Ahmard Vital

Mental Coach/Partner

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Chase Dawkins – Highlight Reel

Chase Dawkins – Highlight Reel

Ahmard on Fox Sports

Ahmard on Fox Sports

Moses H. Highlight Reel

Moses H. Highlight Reel

Wonderful game performances require
a good mix of combined skills

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